Add Hackertoberfest to topics on github

I created a PR to you and I saw that your are nothing participating on Hackertoberfest, would be good participate to have more people helping with pull requests.

Ineligible Repository
Your PR was submitted to a repository that is not participating in Hacktoberfest. Maintainers of the repository can add the "hacktoberfest" topic to their repository if they wish to participate.

Is there some reason to don’t add it to topics?

Hi. First: thanks for your time. It’s clear that you spent more effort than merely opening a one-line-PR to get a t-shirt.

However, I just had a little internal chat, and unfortunately, we will not be adding the hacktoberfest label.

Having a healthy Free and Open Source ecosystem is important, and getting new people interested in contributing is excellent. However, engagement has to happen because people are actually interested in Open Source and the projects they contribute to, not because of a simple reward.

Hacktoberfest was a great idea in its first years, but the larger it got, the more bad things happened. Last year, and even more so this year, the entire FOSS space has seen a massive amount of people submitting absolute trashy Pull Requests to random repos just because they want a tshirt. Those contributors do not add anything meaningful to the project, they will not stay around after they got their reward, and they cause a lot of stress and additional work for open source maintainers.

There are many problems with Hacktoberfest in its current form. As long as they don’t do their job of validating the work so that actual quality is valued over quantity, I have to classify Hacktoberfest as a (surprisingly effective) marketing campaign for DO, offering shallow rewards for mostly negligible improvements at the cost of annoying a lot of maintainers and wasting a lot of time.

Thanks very much for doing that!

I’ve just been made aware of an update on DO’s side: you can now add a hacktoberfest-accepted label to individual PRs to have them count, without requiring to opt-in the entire repo. To give credit where credit is due, I added that label to your PR.

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Thank you. I always use this time on hacktoberfest to know new open source projects. I liked a lot the idea of diaspora I would like to contribute more with the project. Is there some board of tasks and issues that we can get to work on it?

We currently don’t have a super high velocity to say the least :slight_smile: So you may just pick whatever you fancy, be it one of the open issues or your own itches, without a real risk of running into any contention. Of course if you want to tackle something bigger or potentially controversial, especially if it hasn’t been discussed before, getting some quick consent that it’s a good idea is a must to not waste your effort :slight_smile: This forum or IRC are usually good places to do so.

I think our biggest blockers to releasing 0.8 are polishing up the API (see the API docs repo for open issues here) and some outstanding work on the account migration data importer. Potentially a UI for the account migration feature, though I wouldn’t see that as a blocker.

Then of course there’s the Rails 6 migration we haven’t done yet, also migrating the asset pipeline to webpacker, though I think Dennis has started looking into the latter?

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