Add list of known pods to the website

(Waithamai) #1

I think it would be nice to integrate some functionality like with the landing website. There are two problems with

  1. has one big problem with its auto-select function: it doesn’t distinguish between diaspora, friendica, and hubzilla instances. That means, people go to, click ‘sign up’, auto-select a pod, and are directed to some friendica server. While it’s nice to have interconnected networks, this is not what users who want to sign up on diaspora are looking for. (I just tested the random select 5 times - I was sent to 3 friendica servers, 1 hubzilla server, and only with my 5th attempt finally got to a diaspora* pod).
    I asked David Morley (who runs some time ago if it was possible to add a selector for the different networks; he responded that it would be possible but he doesn’t have time to implement it. So that probably won’t happen. And also there is:

  2. Having a selector wouldn’t really solve the problem for new users, as they are also confused by being sent to an entirely different website as soon as they click on ‘sign up’. And I can relate to that…

=> I’d suggest to add a list of known pods with open registrations to the website.
What do you think?

From hearing about diaspora* to becoming a recurrent user
(Michael Vogel) #2

To be able to easily collect this data, it would be good if Diaspora servers could return a list of known servers. A service at the website could then poll this list and afterwards could use “nodeinfo” for details.