Add pull, only when a profile page is browsed

Hello, I open my first discussion here :slight_smile:

Some D* accounts could be used as mini-blog (like FB “pages”). However the push protocol makes it difficult :

  • All the public posts on a pod A account can be seen by non members at the pod-adress/u/name but it can’t be interacted with (like, comment…)

  • If someone on pod B start to follow the account on pod A (adding it to an aspect) and try to open the profile page of the account of pod A from the pod B he will see no past posts, only the new ones (posted after he started to follow) : there is the problem I had.

I suggest to implement a pull by an account on pod B of posts (all or only the ones that are asked to be dispayed depending on how far back the user scroll back in the posts stream) from an account on pod A only if the account on pod B open the profil page of the account on pod A.

I do not see any server overcharge that would otherwise be caused by a generalized pull methods because in this case it would be on case per case basis, as the user chose to go on a profile page, but maybe I am wrong ?

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Here’s a more general proposal/discussion about adding pull to diaspora*'s push model in certain circumstances.

I had that basic idea to fetch a profiles post when viewing directly from the remote pod for some time now.
Not just public posts but it should be possible to include aspect-specific content using an authentication (based on some sort of asymetric signature challenge-response - since we have key-pairs all around).
It might even be done just by the browser via javascript, to burden as few servers as possible. (e.g. the page “frame” comes from ones own pod, the posts are fetched from the profiles pod).