Add "Report this as spam" button

During this weekend I saw that new profile has been created to spam on D*.

Is it possible to create a “Report this as spam” button in order to report to podmins a spam attack, so that they can delete the spam posts?

It should be added to photos, posts, comments and users.

What do you think about?

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It’s already implemented in the develop branch, we are polishing that and it will probably be included in the next release :wink:

See for details.

One is able to ignore a profile and that should be it. If one is a spammer, almost all will ignore him.

@karthikeyanak - it’s not just about ignoring an account, it’s about reporting that account to the podmin so that the account can be deleted to prevent them spamming further.

what is perfectly valid for one, will appear as spam to other. I am afraid this is bringing too much of policing to D*

@karthikeyanak have in all means true.
It can be only information for admins.
Many robots can do the bad job and many trollos too.
Really bad mentioned thing i guess.

When we sad about information for admins in sotisficated method (prevent DOS attack), this can be goog idea.

would be worth a try to implement a “report post/comment/user” -button.

I agree with Karthikeyan A K we could ignore spam but I fear the more users we get the more people are interested to spam conversations.

But it isn’t only spam we have SCAM too, fraudulent ppl trying to collect money for non-existing NGO’s too and it would be nice to have a reporting-tool as this can harm other users.

I’m pleased to see the “report this post” is not called “report as spam” - we’d have 101 different reporting options otherwise.

I was unclear as to whether there is the option to say why the post is being reported to the podmin - can anyone clarify this?

There will be that option, Rich. At the moment it is limited, but part of refining the feature will be to expand the ability to specify why the post is being reported.

Just reported for the first time an offensive (racist) comment and I was a bit surprised to find the report came to me (as podmin of my pod). What I expected was the report to go to the podmin that hosts the person who wrote the comment - so that if the podmin deletes the comment, it will be removed throughout the network.

I realize the feature is in early stages and thinking about this, this kind of change would have required federation level changes (since I guess it would have to be in the protocol itself - otherwise it could be abused too easily). So I guess I was just a little too optimistic how the report works.

As it currently is unfortunately it does not really help against the spam (or abuser/hater) problem at all. If I or a user on my pod report spam for example on my pod, the podmin whose pod it came from will not get the report.

Note that always going to the podmin of the poster has its problems too. He might find content that you find improper or that is illegal in your country acceptable and won’t delete it. So if anything we should additionally notify the posters podmin.

@jasonrobinson yeah the goal was to say “this is maybe problematic for you to host, you should have a look”.

Fair enough, why can’t we create a proposal for this issue. If one thinks he is unfairly spammed, he can have his own pod.

Proposal: Lets have a SPAM button

Let D* have a “Report this as spam” button in order to report to podmins a spam attack, so that they can delete the spam posts and block users who spam frequently.

It should be added to photos, posts, comments and users.

Outcome: There is already a report spam icon in D*. There is no use for this proposal.


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I’m feeling unable to vote on this, can you please better differentiate it from the existing report functionality? As it stands it seems like your proposal duplicates it.

oops then you ( @jonnehass ) must block this proposal saying that its irrelevant. Yes there is already a report feature.

Please just close it now.