Adding a software name to the schema

The experimental fork of diaspora* has been renamed to Acropolis and while the name change is mostly complete, nodeinfo still reports the software/name to be “diaspora”. That means Acropolis instances are still indistinguishable on a site like… which is confusing and should be fixed.

I’ve made the change so nodeinfo will report “acropolis” but some specs fail because this name is validated against the list of software in the 1.0 schema. This and the 2.0 schemas are downloaded from these URLs:
(data at properties/software/properties/name/enum inside)
(data at properties/services/properties/outbound/items/enum inside)

My question is how can “acropolis” be added to the proper paths in those documents? If asking here is the way to do it, then please consider this a request for that addition. Thanks.

Found repo operated by jhass so going to submit a PR there.