Adding roundcube mail to diaspora server

I have my pod working fairly well and even have email going out not being flagged by Google as spam. The last item I want to configure is roundcube mail and I want to set it up on the same server as diaspora. I can’t seem to get them to play well together. Has anyone else done that before?
I am using nginx for diaspora and using ssl.

I on work on Syncloud ( project where you can install diaspora and roundcube (with full mail server) on a device and use roundcube to receive notifications.

If this is what you want we have it working, it is open source and I can point you at our config files or you can even try on a Virtual Box or a supported single board computer.

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This is exactly what I would like to do. After getting diaspora working, I really don’t want to break it so it would be very helpful to review your config files. Thank you.

Diaspora config: gh /syncloud/diaspora/tree/master/config
Mail (with roundcube) config: gh /syncloud/mail/tree/master/config

Looks like I cannot post links :slight_smile:

someone said we can paste it as a code snippet but i cant figure that out.

question … so all the roundcube instructions say … "open URL: http://yourhostname/roundcube/installer to initialize the Roundcube installation. "

and that is where I am stuck. I am looking at your nginx.conf and it looks like a working roundcube only configuration with no diaspora in it. is that correct? how do i make it coexist with diaspora?

Do you want diaspora and roundcube to run on the same host with the same domain?
What we do in Syncloud we actually run app per subdomain like: and Then each domain is served by a separate nginx specific to an app. Main proxy ngnx is responsible for tunneling request to the right app: github /syncloud/platform/blob/master/config/nginx/public.conf

I guess there are million other ways of doing this.

Correct. Same host but my diaspora is “pod” (which is the hostname) and my roundcube I want to be “mail”. I’m looking at your public.conf and don’t see any includes for diaspora or mail.
Unless it is the syntax in there for “includeSubdomains”. I think a lot of people use ispconfig 3 but I don’t want to run a web hosting service.
Do I need to do a second virtual IP as well for another instance of nginx?

Last section called app proxy.
It dynamically guesses subdomain and uses it to find a Unix socket file on file system to proxy the request.
Diaspora and mail nginxes listen on for example /car/run/diaspora.web.socket and /car/run/mail.web.socket

You do not have to have backend nginx per app and have everything in one nginx config.

Multiple web apps for one IP is called virtual hosting and available in all major web servers.

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I just thought to leave my (biased) option for you: Use NethServer as base for your pod. NethServer is a CentOS based distribution that actualy is easy to install and maintain. You can find more info about NethServer here:
NethServer is very modular and there is also a mailserver module. You can choose between Webtop, SOGo and roundcube as webmail clients. The community is very friendly and helpful.
A friend of mine wrote a howto so installing Diaspora becomes a breeze.

Have fun!

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