Adding "topic templates" to the Support categories

Discourse allows admins to set “topic templates” to individual categories, i.e. a pre-filled text template when someone opens a new thread. I think we should use them in the support sections, primarily to reduce friction. Let’s use this thread as a discussion around the information we need pretty much always need.

For the general support section, we should add a note that redirects to the developer and podmin support sections if needed, as the general support section is “the default”, but it’s meant for users. We should ask users for their pod’s URL, as that will allow us to gather information like the version that’s running there ourselves.

For podmins, we’d need to know the ruby version, bundler version, operating system/distribution. If it’s a startup crash or something similar, we need to add a note that says to provide he logfiles in the log/ directory, not just stdout, which is useless in most cases.

For developers … we might be better off not adding a template, as requests there are probably so individual that fitting them into a template doesn’t make much sense.

What am I missing?