Allow file sharing in private messages

One should be allowed to attach any type files in private messages.

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What would be a good default filesize limit in your opinion?

Default can be good 1MB, but it is good to allow changing this limit from administration.

+1 @maxsamael , the admin must set the maximum file size.

While it would be a a nice thing to have, private file sharing can be done via e mail, and the space could be used for other more ‘social related’ things such as larger public photos.

@itai I really disagreed with this idea.
There is security risk and I don’t have problem to add one more storage to server.
Anyway there can be sotisficated system to files uploads.
Not check only file size, but prevent the spam too and allow admins to check illegal content on server.
The last thing is it very problematic, becouse there is problem with privacy too.
In Facebook and Google do this work NSA, but when somebody make “faul” on server, all data can be taken by police or other police comando.

Max I don’t understand - do you mean you don’t want to send files via mail and prefer to do in d* because it’s more secure? Or that larger public photos are a security problem? Sorry really having a hard time to understand :expressionless:

BTW I didn’t say private file sharing was a bad idea just that I think the space can be used for other things. If there was unlimited space sure let’s add everything. I’d like to hear more podmins about that.

@itai Ok, i explain it.
When you store the data outside from server even in email, the files can be accessible by third person. Government, police, hackers, etc…
Better is use same server or server system.

Next problem by saving data on server is illegal content. User can save anything and user can have all content secure and private. This is very hard to solve, becouse the server isn’t anonymised (anonymisation example: tor server). Ok, the only one solution as i see is allow admins see the content and admins may be trusted persons. Maybe admins can have some codex to work with attachments.

Of course noone want have server in police department or have visit from police.

Next aspect is spam.

there are plenty of methods to share files out there and there may be security issues for pod servers, so benefit/risk ratio doesn’t seem good

Chances to get in trouble if allowing file sharing in private messages are high for every podmin. On my pod the podmin had to take action more than one time due to legal conflicts and it was easy to do so because these posts where public.

For those wanting to share files in private there are enough options to do so without d*

@adrenalin Anyway I think share files in private messages is good idea, BUT:
The podmin must have control about server.
At first there must be good UX and usefull podmin area with settings about server, this is there very critical.
And any update this type (priv. messages attachments, etc.) can absolutly ruin the all project.
I think the idea is good, but not understand the leader of this project, why allow this without good podmin area.
Anyway there will be one moment, when is the area absolutly needed. To this time will be better all features this type blocked and wait for the secure reason for server admins too.

I see no need for a feature like this. There are 101 file sharing services out there already. There is scope for large files to clog up servers and bandwidth, not something a lot of podmins will be happy with.

Then you’ve got the whole “my pod file size limit is 10mb” but the person you’re sending to might be on a pod with a limit of 2mb. It could get real messy.

I think this could be loaded with problems, not least of which could be making Diaspora of more interest to law-enforcement agencies because of the possibility of sharing content illegally.

I really don’t think Diaspora should try to provide every type of service. We should focus on doing just a narrow range of things - distributed, privacy-aware social networking - really well.

@goob Yes, i agree. I think the diaspora is on best line to alternative secure social network. But this isn’t important now i think. There are more bigger problems and add there this option is waste of time now.
Nicer will be new UI, own templates, better admin area, better page about pods and more important things.
Maybe when the big problems are solved is there place of discussion about features like this.