Aptana Studio (contains RadRails)

I’m setting up my development environment preparing for my first trial run of doing a software change. Assuming that goes well I will work with the team here to pull down a simple feature or bug and try to work that down. I don’t have a JetBrains license so was looking at Aptana RadRails instead of trying the 30 day trial. I’ve used Aptana for JavaScript in the past and Eclipse (what it’s based on) substantially but have never done Ruby development so that’s a whole new thing for me.

Has anyone here used it and know of potential problems? The first potential problem I can think of is potential compatibility with the style checker, for example. Other problems I could see are issues with configuration that can be overcome with a standard file in the repo for JetBrains (don’t know if that’s there or not I’m just thinking out loud). Other could be that it just sucks, but I can figure that last one out out on my own.


This is apparently moot. I can’t get a download to start for either the Aptana Studio or the plugin bundle. I guess I could just install all the plugins manually through the Eclipse Store but at that point I’d rather deal with potentially paying $100 for the JetBrains product than subject myself to that.

I didn’t answer yet, because you asked about Aptana and I don’t use it. Most active contributors use RubyMine or vim I think. For long-term contributors we can get a free license for RubyMine for you, see FAQ for developers in the wiki and for your first few contributions the 30 days trial should work.

It’s all good @supertux88 . I appreciate the offer on the free license if I were to become a regular contributor but I was under the impression there were a limited numbers of those. I’d be more than happy with covering the cost of my license on my own to keep the pool of available licenses available for others, but I very much appreciate you bringing that up as an option.

I haven’t developed with ruby, but here are some things to consider: