Will there be a Diaspora install pack for (ARM) - Arch Linux?

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Probably someday :slight_smile: But afaik no one is loudly at least working on one, but as time goes by I am sure someone will.

If someone would like to try packaging it, we’d be happy to support them.

utterly out-of-date:

I do work on a proper package, the blocker currently is

Can you post in this thread some status updates every few weeks? Especially I’m looking forward to the ARM package. If you want I can also test this, if my little PC is running and running and running :wink:

Looks like foreman won’t gain systemd export anytime soon, so I finished my work and put it up:

Needs a clean room test-drive yet.

You just set up my Pod on an Ubuntu based OS :wink:
I will try to find another SD-Card which fits in my ARM-PC. If Arch will run on it, I will contact you.

Just to clarify: I don’t expect you to test this just because you started that discussion :wink:

Yeah ok. Just want to add this if there is nobody else.