Are new accounts vetted?

When I opened my account on, I never received a confirmation e-mail, but I did get emails when mentioned or comments, that kind of thing.

I followed #newhere for awhile and found that my pod seems to cater to advertisers and spammers. So many, in fact, that reporting their posts was becoming a full time job and nothing seemed to actually be done about it. I wonder if other pods may stop federating with if they keep allowing these advertisers to create accounts and spam. I’m thinking about migrating to a new pod for fear that mine will get a bad reputation for allowing advertisers and spammers.

Aren’t new accounts supposed to be verified? How can I help my podmin besides reporting these posts?


Hello, and thanks for taking time to open that topic.
NaturalNews indeed is a controversial pod, but they are free to decide the content they allow or not on their pod. Trust is at the heart of diaspora* conception, if you disagree with your podmin choices, you should probably migrate to another pod indeed. Right now you can only create a new account but in a few months you should be able to do that automatically.


This pod is blocked by some others out there. Fla has the told the details why.

Uptime has been great and I have no other reason to migrate, except that other pods have stopped federating with Natural News. Perhaps because of the host’s arch-conservative views. I don’t care about the host’s politics as long as they don’t engage in “cancelling” or silencing opposing views. My concern is the proliferation of advertisers and spammers. So my question remains, are new accounts vetted? I suspect the answer depends on the pod; every one is different. Perhaps vetting and individual TOS can be listed on to help users in choosing a pod, beyond location, uptime, software version, and whether registration is open or not.

Right now you can only create a new account but in a few months you should be able to do that automatically.

So I guess the next question is, should I wait or just migrate now?

Thanks to all who answered… I have a Hubzilla account, but omygosh, the learning curve is steep and bewildering! I like diaspora* much better because the interface is more intuitive and a lot more simple to navigate.

I am not sure how it is possible to verify new accounts, ultimately it depends on podmin and usually offending accounts are blocked only after repeated complaints are received. If you run a public service you will attract all kinds of folks, spammers included and you just can’t tell who just signed up.

I would advice to migrate as I noticed managed to get itself blocked on several large pods at least. Myself I never had any trouble with it but if blocks remain it will cause communication problems so it isn’t the best place for a new account in my opinion.

P.S. If you tried Hubzilla and it felt too complicated/messy for you but you liked the idea - maybe try Friendica which is similar but… well, friendlier and it handles communications with Diaspora part of Fediverse better :slight_smile:

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Well, I created a new account on another pod and downloaded my stuff from, but I really have no idea how to apply the downloaded info from my naturalnews account to my new one. I saw a post for Windows® users in a thread about pod migration, but what can a Linux user do?

The UI is still missing in migration and its just in the works. You may ask a podmin to import your data on the backend.
My last state of knowledge is that photos still can not be imported.

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