Bandcamp players?

Is it possible to make posting Bandcamp players as simple as Youtube movies?

I know, that there is a simple API for this. If needed i can dig it out, but i don’t know how to implement this in diaspora myself.
The scheme is usually just to post a Bandcamp link, like

and this would be turned into a flash or html player automatically, according to what the user device requests.

EDIT: Now you can see, that here in this forum the link is already displayed right. But for some reason this doesn’t work, when i use players by URL in my own posts. Why?
EDIT 2: What is a onebox and why does it work here but not on my profile posts?

I’d be happy to help this, if someone could put me into the right direction, thread, etc.

Hi @jayrope and thank you for your suggestion.

Diaspora* uses oembed to include rich content in posts. Trusted providers are list here or in the config file.

What needs to be done is to check if a provider for bandcamp exists and add it. A fallback could be to use this.

Btw, I just tried to post the real album link ( and opengraph allows you to play the album already.

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@Flaburgan, thank you for answering. I realize now, that the player only shows up after some time. So generally it does seem to work, yes. That’s good news for musicians. Thank you again.

Yup, embedding of Bandcamp tracks has been possible for a few years now. All embedding in diaspora* only shows up when you refresh the page after posting, because there’s no pushing of content (except notifications) in d*.

I’ll close this as it’s been resolved.