Become an admin

I am setting up a Linux version and am stuck at becoming an admin so I can continue. I’ve looked for several hours in different areas… including IRc… but no replys yet. Can someone either tell me the secret to making yourself an Admin, or a link where I can read up on it? My landing pages are loading… so I can create posts and such… but cannot do anything meaningful until I can grant myself an as admin…
I guess I should add that I cannot enter the ruby ‘consule’ as is suggested in the docs… so is there an easy solution for this… or another way I can just add the data into a config file? Thanx :slight_smile:

I moved your post to a new topic, because it doesn’t belong to the category-description.

When you first access your pod, it redirects you to /podmin (you can also view that page here), which tells you that you can read how to make yourself an admin in the diaspora wiki.

Admins are stored in the database, so you can’t add admins in the config-file.