Blog post about progress done on the API

(Flaburgan) #1

A massive job has been done in the past weeks by @HankG on the API. I was wondering if a blog post could be written on that topic. It would have several advantages:

  • Showing that diaspora code base is still evolving and that new things are coming
  • Give visibility to Hank work’s, as he’s currently doing on his blog. It’s always nice to share what’s going on, and can be the opportunity to ask for feedback, maybe sharing his dev pod to allow people to test or tell them to pull the branch
  • Hank is a new contributor, sharing his experience can encourage others to do get involved too. It could maybe be done in the form of an interview of Hank? Coming from “Why did you get involved, how did that go, what did you accomplish” then switching to the API topic

What do you think?

(Hank G) #2

I’m game for all of the above. My blog posts are written in a free form style which may not be appropriate for the official blog but tweaking the language can be good. I’d be happy to write blog posts on various topics as well to help with the outreach/marketing aspect of things as well.

(Hank G) #3

I’m going to do this if I get a head nod from someone who has posting rights to the blog.

(Flaburgan) #4

If you want to write something on the blog, the way we usually go is to write a draft in an etherpad (you can use for example, and then submit it there to get feedback.

On the specific topic of the API, which way do you want to present it? Do you like my interview idea? If so, maybe I can create a draft, post the questions and you’ll answer?