Blog post formatting guidelines

(Dennis Schubert) #1

So I just got a notice about issues with the diaspora Yatra blog post, so here are some basic rules for writing blog posts.

  1. Please do not use external assets. Whoever published that Yatra blog post hotlinked the images from Please avoid this (I guess I don’t have to talk about downtimes and privacy issues). We have the “assets management system” in the admin panel, please use it to upload your images. If you have any issues, ping me.
  2. Care about the layout… Someone once started using <div style="text-align: center; margin-bottom: 20px;"><img src="..." alt="..." title="..."></div> for images. Please don’t. If you want to have full-width images, please use <p style="margin-bottom: 20px;"><img src="..." alt="..." title="..." class="img-responsive center-block"></p>. Otherwise you will break or responsive layout and the page looks horrible.
  3. Check external links. The first image in the yatra post got a link, which is a 404… Bad.

I’d also like to keep the amount of embedded videos as low as possible. If possible, link it. It feels a bit bad to embed YouTube stuff in our blog.

I guess we should try to keep the blogs quality as high as possible, we do have quite a lot of traffic there… However, thanks for your work!

Edit: Mixed up good/bad image embeds.

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(goob) #2

Thanks for these guidelines, @dennisschubert. That’s useful. I published the Yatra post, based on text supplied by the Yatra team.

  1. I thought linking to external assets was the best way. I’ll host them on the server in future (making certain first that we have permission to do so).
  2. Thanks for the code: I copied the code from a previous blog post made by someone else and couldn’t work out how to make it responsive without trawling through the Bootstrap file, so thanks for that snippet.
  3. Oops. I thought I’d checked all the links, but clearly not all of them. Now corrected.

On video/audio clips: if they are ‘our’ content, can we (with permission) host them on the server as assets?

@jasonrobinson @flaburgan have you had chance to look at the draft guidelines for writing blog posts I sent you some time ago? It would be worth including Dennis’s tips, I think.

(Daisy Ana) #3

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(goob) #4

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