It would be good to get the blog going again - there’s only be the one post since it was set up.

To do this we’d need:

  • volunteers to write for the blog
  • log-in access to the blog
  • a plan of what we want to use it for.

One thought would be a monthly post, talking about a particular feature we’d like help building at that time, to try to encourage more people to join Diaspora and contribute code.

What do you think?

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I think we need to improve our communication and the blog could be a good way to do that, but I don’t have time (and a english correct enough) to write posts. So if someone wants to do it, no problem, but I cannot.

I can’t write anything about the development of diaspora, the code or anything technical like that. I do however find myself drawing proposals and design mock-ups for various diaspora features - so if you think it’s okay I could drop in now and then and fill the spaces with simple drawings, reports about ongoing decisions, small tutorials and similar? Of course someone who feels responsible could check them before they land as this will be a bit official :wink:

@ivangabrielmoren go for it - UI mock-ups and all kinds of musings are always exciting :slight_smile:

@ivangabrielmoren, if you want to write tutorials, then it would be good to consider adding these to the Diaspora project website tutorials section rather than the blog. Let us know what ideas you have for tutorials. I’m keen to expand that section. The project website, like the Diaspora app, is created through Github.

I think the blog would need to focus on what the project is doing rather than individual people’s ideas for features, as it’s a voice for the project rather than for any of us as community members. But do share your proposals via other means, perhaps in Diaspora itself, or here in Loomio if you want to discuss them.

It would be good to get more ideas about how we should use the blog. And who is the target audience? Diaspora members, or the wider world? I’d guess this will be different for each post.

I’d like to have a discussion now about what sort of things the blog is used for.

I was originally going to put this post about the pod stats feature on the blog, but used DHQ in the end because I wasn’t sure whether it was appropriate there.

Should the blog be reserved for major announcements (releases and such things as becoming a community project and joining FSSN)? Or do we want regular posts discussing ongoing things such as what development is happening, difficulties we face, and other things just to keep channels of communication open as much as possible?

Would be glad to hear your thoughts and ideas.

IMHO, anything relating to the project. Vocal is better than quiet.

(but saying that, the first post since reopening the blog should be something about reopening the blog and the state of the project, imho)

This post is really nice and should be published on the blog imo. It will not be the first post on the blog, the first one was posted for the release of the