Bugmash Mondays - bug suggestions

(goob) #21

Thinking about tomorrow’s Bugmash, it looks as though we might as well use last week’s list with the exception of https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/2948 and https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/4210, which have pull requests. Is that correct?

So this week’s list would be:

Would https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/3529 and https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/4069 also be suitable to add?

I see there hasn’t yet been a great response so far to the relaunched BugMash Mondays, although Steffen cleared a few in the first week. Is there anything I can do to help generate more response? Are the DHQ posts OK, or could I improve them? Here’s the last post, so you can read it to see what you think: https://www.joindiaspora.com/posts/2734912

Look forward to your comments on this week’s list, and on what else I could do to encourage more people to help.


(Jonne Haß) #22

#4069 would be fine, though I’d keep the list at 5 per week.
#3529 is not really a newcomer thing but we really could use the help of a dev experienced with the RTL stuff to make the experience on Diaspora better, so it might be worth including it, simply to call out for that.

(Steffen van Bergerem) #23

Wait, #4210 has a pull request so it shouldn’t be on the list, right? :wink:

I’d also say we should list 5 bugs per week. If you want a bigger response I’d suggest to look at the old bugmash posts: http://blog.diasporafoundation.org/2012/02/20/bug-mash-monday-week-3.html

The reviews of the last week were awesome and I think that this could motivate other devs when they see that something is going on. I also think that we should keep the post as short as possible. How about something like this:

(Flaburgan) #24

@goob you should click on the button at the bottom right of the input text in loomio to activate markdown syntax :wink:

Well, maybe the weekly post is not the best approach because too repetitive and not enough specific. What about some really specific posts like “Looking for a RTL specialist
You have knowledge about language in right to left and want to help improve diaspora? Please join this discussion (https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/3529)!”

Or “You don’t know anything about ruby but just about front end languages? We need to convert sass files to scss, come help here (https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/3796)”

I think specific stuff like that could be better received.

(goob) #25

@steffenvanbergerem - that’s fantastically helpful. Thanks. I had forgotten about the weekly reviews. Not being a developer, I hadn’t paid too much attention to bugmash posts in the past other than just to see that something was happening. I’ve added your suggestions.

@jonnehass - thanks also for your input.

@flaburgan - thanks for the markdown tip. I had forgotten about that button. You may be right about specific posts, and that was something I had also thought would work well, but it’s something I would not be able to do. I’m struggling simply to compile a short list of bugs each week, as I’m already out of my depth technically. So if the devs would prefer specific posts like that, someone else would have to write the posts. I could then edit them and post from DHQ account, but I wouldn’t be able to compile or write the posts.

I’ll post a list of bugs today anyway, and you can decide among yourselves what is going to be most helpful for you as developers in the coming weeks. I’ll help in any way I can, although with those limitations I’ve just mentioned.

(goob) #26

Here are my suggestions for this week. As ever, I’d appreciate your feedback on them.

There are two important but straightfoward admin tasks we would really welcome some help with:

This week’s bugs are:

(Jonne Haß) #27

Uhm, for the SCSS issue somebody said he’ll have a look into it, so I’d postpone that a week. Also not sure I like the term “admin tasks”. For the email one (4182) we got an open PR.

(Jonne Haß) #28

Oh, and the gem updates aren’t necessarily straight forward…

(goob) #29

You’re right, ‘admin tasks’ is not an elegant way of putting it. I was thinking of routine maintenance/updating rather than bug fixes. And if ‘straighforward’ is misleading, I’ll change it to ‘an important ongoing task’. And I’ll remove the SCSS task and 4182. It was an error to include that last one, and thanks for pointing it out.

Right, I think we’re all set unless anyone else has an issue to suggest?

(Flaburgan) #30

Thank you @goob :wink:

(goob) #31

You’re welcome. I’m happy to continue doing it if it’s helpful to the devs, so do let me know if it is, or if it isn’t.

(Flaburgan) #32

It is, we see a marked improvement in number of pull request, that’s great!

(goob) #33

It’s that time again… (comes around quickly, doesn’t it?)

As far as I can see, one bug from last’ week’s list has been fixed and merged.

I can’t see any new bugs that look suitable for inclusion. All the ones I look at either (a) look too complex, (b) have ongoing discussion about how to implement them or © have someone already working on them.

I also can’t see any other pull requests which look in a state of completion, to be included in the ‘last week review’.

So this week’s proposed list is simply last week’s, minus the one bug which was fixed.

Here it is. If you know of any other issues you’d like to included, or of any pull requests you’d like included in last week’s review, please give the issue number here. And if you have any other ideas for me.

Last week’s review:

Thanks to David, and the other devs who have been working on bug fixes this week for their help.

There’s an important ongoing task we would really welcome some help with:

This week’s bugs are:

(goob) #34

ps: that includes any commits you want to include in the week’s review.

(goob) #35

Is everyone OK with the draft post below?

(Sean Tilley) #36

These look good. The “Embedded Media appears over elements” is a bit tricky, though. We tried to squash that one a long time ago, but to no avail.

This link may provide useful: https://developers.google.com/youtube/iframe_api_reference

(goob) #37

Thanks, Sean. Too late for this week as I’ve already posted, but I won’t include it next week if it hasn’t been picked up.

(Steffen van Bergerem) #38

Yaayy, that post didn’t show up on pod.geraspora.de: https://pod.geraspora.de/people/f278309aabb991d2

(Flaburgan) #39

Same for me, I do not see the post from diaspora-fr.org
Joindiaspora is overcapacity!

(Flaburgan) #40

Here is a bug I really want to see fixed but I don’t know if it’s suitable for newcomers.