I have not posted and contributed since a month or more

Here I just want to share what detained me. I have been waiting if there would be anything like a legal transfer of trademark and repository ownership to non-profit foundation.
It is still not the case as far as I have seen.

So I guess I will stay quiet.
kudos to all who helped me and others believe in free networks!

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Sad to hear. A month is nothing, I would be surprised if we manage to get it done within the next year tbh.

Setting up a Non-Profit is a fair bit of work and money, but Maxwell has expressed that he wants to help set it up and do this. I will check in with him this week and see what needs to be done.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. I’m trying as hard as I can to step thru the details. There is lots of things tied together with d* inc, and as its also my and my partners livelihood, it doesn’t go as fast as I would like.

Additionally, when the time comes to transfer, we are going to need a decent community base to transfer it to.

You will have to trust me on this one. We wouldn’t have said we want it to happen if we didn’t want it to happen.

These things take time, as others have said. I’d say it’s better to do it slowly and properly rather than rush into something which will not work well in the long term. And the wider community as it stands is a fledgling community which doesn’t have the structure needed to form a foundation. Again it will take some time to get these in place. Maxwell and Dan have given a commitment to make this work as a free community-run foundation, and while not much has happened visibly in the month since then, they’ve given us no reason to doubt their commitment to this.

In septeber 2010 i an normal person understood that diaspora was a social red of the users, at least they presented diaspora like that, so that is a reason not to trust them. i shuted down my server on 2 of octubre (2000 users), ill put the server back when it will worth.
About the trademark: i belive the easyest way to do it so people can trust diaspora, and the fastest, will be to transfer or sell for 1 dollar the trademark. So someone that wee trust can make the legal steps. I trust MRZYX, he was in diaspora from the begining every day doing things and asking nothing.

Sean, Maxwell. I may have some skills when it comes to foundations and their structures, and the legalities that go along with them. Let me know if I can help.

I had to take some time off myself, more due to geographical issues however it happens. Florian, you have done some amazing things for Diaspora, hope to see you again sometime. :slight_smile:

Florian is Raven24, I think, Hans, and posts here under his real name.

Florian was very responsive to my noobish questions about diaspora. Sad to see you go, Florian.

It’s not Florian. Groovehunter is another person.

Groovehunter is also called Florian I think - but different Florian than Raven24, who is awesome and hopefully will never leave this community :slight_smile:

(people who post ‘bye’ messages in a group called GOVERNANCE PROPOSALS are definitely not awesome :P)

Ah, fair enough. And yes to your last comment!

Thx for the info. And relieved this is not Raven24. :slight_smile:

No, I’m not going anywhere :wink: