Can a network of friends make a private community without installing a pod?

I want to set up a private social media network for an existing community of friends. I don’t want to set up a pod unless I have to. Is it possible for an existing group of friends to all join an existing pod at the same time, and create a private space?

Many thanks


There’s no need even for people to join the same pod in order for them to connect with each other. That’s the beauty of distributed social networks – each person can choose whichever ‘home’ (pod) they want, and then connect with other people across the network just as if they were all in the same ‘home’.

If you all place each other in ‘aspects’ and post limited posts to those aspects, your interactions will be private.

Have a read of the tutorials for new community members, which explains this and a lot more.

Any further questions, just ask!

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