Can't Get Facebook Crosspost To Work

Trying to get the faceobok service to work, and I’m stuck. If you look at my site and try to add the facebook service, you’ll see the error it throws is this:

Invalid Scopes: publish_actions. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present. Please read the documentation for valid permissions at:

I honestly can’t seem to figure out how to do this. Does anyone have a walkthrough for this? The instructions in the commented section of diaspora.yml just aren’t clear enough.

-_- Why is this even in the services section at all if the code for it is so out-dated that it’s using depreciated values?

“publish_actions” sigh

The Facebook integration will be removed soon, because Facebook removed the ability for third-party applications to post to people’s feeds.

The permission was disabled August 1st, the current diaspora* release is from June 27. Spot the problem here? :slight_smile:


Damn this pisses me off (nothing can do about it from our side though). Writing in Diaspora and cross-posting to Facebook and Twitter was my workflow when I got here. Using that to enhance exposure of Diaspora among my friends was the whole point of me making the code change to the Facebook services so that it included the Diaspora link. I’ve been manually doing that since I came back. Looks like Facebook is using the outrage over their security failings to rationalize platform consolidation just like Twitter. Reminds me why I want to get alternative social media systems like Diaspora into the mainstream…

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Well that’s incredibly frustrating. Thanks for clarifying that Dennis :slight_smile: I can see where my mistake was made. I guess I’ll disable the facebook service then. It’s a darn shame, you’d figure facebook wants more exposure than less :man_shrugging:

Tsskk… who needs fcking FB anyways… Glad there is no connection to that crippled network.
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lol to be fair, you never turned rantmode on, you just turned on the garbage disposal and let it run XD lol

Here’s the thing. Most of us have friends and more importantly, family, on that platform. And the only reason they are there is because there’s nothing “better” to go to in order to validate leaving an already established multi billion dollar company. Diaspora is a really really good alternative, and does pretty much everything “I” need for it to do to come to the light, but as for my family and friends, they want pages, they want groups, they want a functional chat messenger, they want video and phone calls, and most of all, they want control, but they can’t have just control and not the rest too. So while Diaspora* is an amazingly good alternative, it’s simply not “better” than facebook. If it was, this place would be flooded with people ready to do the switch, and that’s just not the case. :man_shrugging: Sorry. bursts bubble
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I should add, Diaspora isn’t facebook, it’s its own thing, and there are no expectations that it should do everything facebook does, but at the very least, if it wants to compete with facebook, it has to do things better than facebook does. It’s well on its way, but it’s not quite there yet. Either way, I frickin’ love this platform :smiley:

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