Can't install diaspora on mac Big Sur

i have many problems installing diaspora on my mac (macOS Big Sur 11.7)
i followed installation guide but it’s not useful for me.
can anyone please give me a step by step installation guide ?
i have many errors about ruby version, gems, starting redis and…

when i run this command

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate

it shows me this error:

How did you install Ruby, and which version did you install?

Big Sur shipped with a 2.6.3, so you’re not using the system Ruby. The output makes it look like you’re using RVM, but you’re using 3.0.0p0, which makes no sense as that’s a 2.5 year old Ruby version. You should be running the latest Ruby 3.1 in the develop code, so that’d be Ruby 3.1.4 right now.