Captcha image a broken link

Finally got pod working! Now trying to create and account and it asks for a captcha image value but no image. Where is this image pulled from?

In defaults.yml, here are the settings;
enable: true
image_size: ‘120x20’
captcha_length: 5
image_style: ‘simply_green’
distortion: ‘low’

In production.log I see this;
production.log:simple_captcha2 (0.4.3) lib/simple_captcha/image.rb:86:in generate_simple_captcha_image' production.log:simple_captcha2 (0.4.3) lib/simple_captcha/middleware.rb:63:inmake_image’
production.log:simple_captcha2 (0.4.3) lib/simple_captcha/middleware.rb:42:in `call’


Which distribution are you using? I think sometimes it was needed to install the ghostscript package for the captcha to work.

Version I confirmed I have ghostscript installed.

I found the solution.
Edit /etc/ImageMagick/policy.xml
Comment out this line;

<!-- <policy domain="coder" rights="none" pattern="LABEL" /> -->

Credit goes to this poster; @piraz

I hate to bring up a dead post, but I am having the same issue and it is not fixed by the policy.xml change stated above. I am running on CentOS7. My pod is