Change in My activity stream chronology

I’ve just noticed that the ordering in the My activity stream has changed.

It used to be ordered by latest activity (like or comment) on each post. It is now ordered by time of original post, just like the main stream.

It was useful to have a different ordering in the My activity stream from that in the main stream, as well as being logical behaviour in a stream that focuses on activity.

Was it an intentional change, or has it happened by mistake? If the latter, what chances of reverting this behaviour?

At least on my pod it hasn’t changed and on the HQ pod it’s also still ordered by the last comment. If the post doesn’t have any comments I think it uses the post timestamp. I’m not aware of any changes to the activity stream, this wasn’t touched since a long time.

Yep, nothing intentionally changed there.

Sorry; you’re both right of course. The main My activity is still ordered by last activity; It’s the Commented posts sub-stream that’s ordered by post time-stamp. And probably Liked posts as well, although as I never ‘like’ anything I can’t tell. (Actually, I’ve just checked on the HQ account and, although there are no likes less than a year old, those older ones do seem to be ordered by time of original post.)

I think it would make sense for these two sub-streams to follow the ordering of the main My activity stream – what say you?

OK, these streams were always sorted by the original post timestamp, so nothing changed there either. But since they are sub-streams of the main activity stream, it probably makes sense to sort them the same way.

Or maybe order them by the timestamp when the user liked/commented them? But that would be a bit more complex query and it would be different than the main activity stream again.

For me, it’s logical and expected that the sub-streams follow the same chronology as the main stream (My activity, in this case). So my vote is to sort them by latest activity (by anyone) on each post.

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