Changing pod address

I have just setup a pod. All users are having a username like How to change that into a proper domain name?

I have a domain name setup, including let’s encrypt certificate. Works all fine, can reach my pod via that domain name and there is even a green lock displayed.

I have edited the diaspora.yml file: changed the url from “” to “”. But at some point the local address keeps returning in diaspora.yml which I think is also the reason that all users keep having a username ending with the local address instead of the domain name.

Any suggestions are more then welcome…

NEVER EVER change the url in the diaspora.yml as the comment above it says: DO NOT CHANGE THIS AFTER INITIAL SETUP!

If you setup the pod with 192.168.x.x, then stop the pod, drop the database, change the url in diaspora.yml and create a new database with new users with the new url in the diaspora.yml. Changing the URLs is a new pod (again, as it says in the comment above the url: If you do change the URL, you will have to start again as the URL will be hardcoded into the database.).

If you already changed the url in the diaspora.yml and created new users after it, they will have the ne diaspora ID with the domain and if they already federated, then … well … it’s bad … you can decide to either drop the DB anyway, but then you can never use the usernames which already federated with the new domain again, or you can just continue with the new users, but the old users (with the old url) will never be able to federate, or you can try to manually fix everything and change the old domain to the new one (in your case that maybe works, because your old domain wasn’t able to federate), but that’s neither officially supported nor recommended because it will probably create problems at some point in the future, so a clean start is probably the best idea (and if you don’t have any users with the new domain because you say they still were created with the old domain, a clean reset is the best idea anyway).

you probably want to make this https:// instead of http:// (and then you don’t need to include the 443 port).

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Right… Never underestimate the probability of stupidity. My apologies for not reading the obvious. I guess I was a little too focused to get the pod up and running. Thanks for the feedback.

Not enough details, after you stop diaspora, change the URL, THEN how do you create a new database?