Choice of Loomio as a platform

I think the choice of Loomio as a platform for discussion of Diaspora is a barrier to people getting involved in the project given that Loomio is a closed beta.

Any thoughts?

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@Robin - Hey there, I’m one of the developers working on Loomio. Totally hear this concern and want to make sure it’s addressed.

We’ve been thinking about giving public groups an option to make their groups “freely joinable”. So Loomio will still be closed-beta in the sense that we are still controlling how many new groups we take on, but anyone would still be able to freely join an existing group. Would this solve your concern?

@Jon: I think that’s a good workaround, currently getting new people on to Loomio is a bit of a tedious process. I think we can all agree that it’s a great tool, and our community clearly benefits from it, but getting community members to openly join our group and subgroups would speed up things tremendously. Currently, having to approve every member by hand in a fairly active community slows things down a little bit.

Sweet, we’ll make it a priority. I just made a card on our Trello board for the task. If you’ve got a Trello account, vote up the feature!

PS - If any Diaspora devs feel like getting involved with the design or development of the feature, you’re more than welcome to. =P

Awesome Jon!

Thanks for your help John. While we’re on the subject of Loomio is it possible to view posts within a discussion in chronological order so its more forum like? I can’t see an option for this. If its not just me being blind is this something you could implement?

And yes that would solve my concern, good idea!

Posts within a discussion on Loomio are shown chronologically, Robin - with the latest post first. Look at the times of posts below. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking about.

Yeah, it’s just reverse-chronological order. In the future we’ll be playing around with giving the user options for different ways of viewing the comments (e.g. threaded, top rated, etc.).