Choosing what to display in my stream


Would it be possible to implement a feature that would allow us to choose what to display in our stream more specifically ?

For instance, I don’t want to see my own activity in my stream, it clutters it, and I can already easily find it, if I go on to “my activity”.

It would also be great to show which contact to display. Or even better, to make some kind of lists of contact like on Mastodon, to easily find what people in that list have posted.

Indeed, I would like to be able to easily see what people I am closed to share, especially if they don’t post often, before what people I have just befriended on the network post.

Sometimes, I am also very interested in what a person will post publicly, but I either don’t feel the need to share what I post with that person because it is irrelevant, or I don’t want her or his publication to appear on my stream because she or he posts post too many messages and it will clutter it.

So I just want a way to easily find that person, and perhaps authorize that person to send me personal messages if she / he wants to.

Could such features be implemented in the future, do you think ? :grinning:

Hi, Meldane!

Some of what you are talking about is already there. You can create Aspects (basically contact groups) and then if you go to Aspects view you can click specific aspects to add or exclude them from the current view. Personally I have “Spammers” group which consists of nice people who just post too much and I don’t always have time for it. So I go there and exclude this group from the view.

Also you can make an aspect to be default for all new friends.

Experiment with this system, it can be quite powerful even though clunky at times.

Oh great, thanks for the tip. :slightly_smiling_face:

And how can I exclude my own activity from my stream ?