Combine offline translation with WebTranslateIt?

I just started translating and noticed that WebTranslateIt doesn’t let me download the files so that I can use my own tooling.

Is it possible to contribute the initial translation via GitHub and then to continue via the tool?

As long as nobody else works on the translation inside WebTranslateIt in the meantime it might be possible. But you also run into the risk of no contributor with the necessary rights being available to do the upload in a timely manner :stuck_out_tongue:

Important caveat to normal code contributions is that WebTranslateIt tracks the next-minor branch, so any translation should be based off that.

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The chance is small that we’ll get any more contributors, so no problem there.
I’ll do the initial translation off the current minor branch then and create a pull request, and we can then see how big the word counts for the changes are - I could then work in WebTranslateIt for small word counts and make Pull Requests for big word counts.