Community anniversary

(Augier) #101

@rich1 : Yeah, I hezitated to ask him to join us. I finally gave up. I thought it would be too much :smiley:

(goob) #102

Awesome! Anyone had time to write a short post for the blog?

Good idea. I’ve just drafted one. Will post it to the pad for editing.

(Augier) #103

Full fracking quality 1080p video on my ownCloud

(Augier) #104

@goob : Can you post the link to your draft here ? Because I don’t know where the pad is. Just curiosity :wink:

(goob) #105

Hi augier, I think it’s best to keep that just between the editors for now. We’ll post it soon. The pad is just one that Fla set up to help us collaborate on writing blog posts.

By the way, when you were pulling the data to make your video, did it tell you how many different people had made commits to Diaspora? That might be a nice figure to include in the post.

(Flaburgan) #106

@augier the pad is linked in the topic about the blog here on loomio.

(Jason Robinson) #107

We now have a Vimeo account:

Couldn’t find anything better… Anyway, ping me for passwords those who need it.

Will add some info there in a bit and upload the video in non-public mode.

(Flaburgan) #108 is ready to be release, we should transform the blog post to be both the anniversary celebration and the announcement of the release.

(Jason Robinson) #109

@flaburgan why do you want to combine them? I think it’s better to keep them separate.

Less comms < More comms. More comms == more audience.

Let’s just celebrate the community milestone and celebrate the release separately?

(goob) #110

I agree with Jason, if we’ve got two different things worth saying, we should make two separate blog posts.

Jason, doesn’t the video need to be uploaded in public mode? (Don’t really understand how Vimeo works so might be talking nonsense - as long as anyone can watch it, that’s fine).

(Jason Robinson) #111

@goob yes, but I set it to private until things are ready. It needs description etc things set + blog post should be ready to post.

I have time later in the evening to collect some git stats if we want some, and to set the video details.

(Jason Robinson) #112

So yeah, blog is out -

Thanks everyone! Posting now to other medias, will post afterwards a thanks for the music and then repost with just the video - or something like that :wink:

Share the blog on d* from your accounts plz - the DHQ account post will prob fail to federate again to many pods… Hopefully we can get those cleanup rake jobs done at some point to help that situation.