Contributor recognition on Discourse

As some of you may have noticed, we have fancy badges here. The core team members have a diaspora* star next to their profile icon and a “diaspora* core team” title, which should make pretty clear who we are. However, we have something more interesting: a badge for our most active contributors. Not only do they look fancy (it’s a lovely heart after all), they also grant some moderation permissions (like merging topics to avoid duplication), which should be a win-win for the entire community.

Right now, these badges are awarded to our former core team as well as @comradesenya, @flaburgan and @goob as a sign of appreciation for their work here. There are a lot more awesome people, but I don’t want this to be a “the core team decides who is awesome” kinda thingy. Let’s do this together.

We’ll be taking “nominations”, so please tell us who made a huge impact to the project in your opinion. Obviously, you can exclude the people listed above, since they already got their fancy shiny badge.


What about @jasonrobinson?

Hm! Jason decided to leave the project and he also left the GitHub org. However, I agree that he made a lot of significant contributions and I’d be happy to reward them, if he decides to activate his Discourse account (which he has not done so far) and is not opposed by having that badge!


Hmm, and although @michaelvogel doesn’t contribute directly to diaspora (and works for the “competitors” ;)), he is a huge help with the federation protocol and communication with friendica (find/report bugs, improve/extend the protocol, great discussions, etc.). So maybe we can give him little :heart: too? :slight_smile:


I agree. Although he technically is not part of the diaspora* team, he is involved in maaaany conversations regarding the federation and protocols. Also, he is very valuable as an “interface” for the communication between the projects. @michaelvogel, if you feel uncomfortable having that title, please ping us and we can talk about rewording or even removing it! :wink:


What about @augier ?

Basically samy story as jason.

Caused by our recent wiki drama, @supertux88 and I decided to make @waithamai a community staff member as well. She has been helping out new users for a long time and also is very active in keeping the wiki from getting messed up. Over the last few days, she was a large help in discovering, deleting and fighting the spam on the wiki and she opted to take care of the moderation queue. All in all quite valuable contributions!

Although I already promoted her technically, vetoes are welcome.


Thanks! :slight_smile: …I am the dragon that guards the wiki’s gates, no spam will get past me… :sunglasses:


Good idea! A spam-eating dragon is a fearsome ally.