Control to Github organisation

Github organisation “diaspora” contains the members who can maintain the issues and the Diaspora repositories. This means these members can accept pull requests to Diaspora code base.

We need a way to control who gets chosen to this list of persons and make sure that the amount of people stays limited but still that there are enough people to make issues and pulls flow nicely.

This discussion is about how to handle membership to the Diaspora code repository.

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I think opening up to more community members is a reasonable idea, so long as everyone knows what they’re doing and how to properly work with the develop branch. Maybe we can just extend membership of the Diaspora group to our most active contributors making pulls right now?

Proposal: Subgroup for governing Github organization

I propose a new Loomio subgroup be created that only includes the current members of the Github organization “diaspora” (

If any of the current members are not on they should be invited if this proposal is accepted.

Only members of this Github organization are allowed as members of this Loomio subgroup.

In this subgroup members should vote on addition or removal of members from the Github repository. Minimum time for these votes is one week.

Other topics can of course be voted on but they should concern the Github repository only - generic developer/feature etc related votes should be put through the generic developer group.

Outcome: Proposal Passed.


  • Yes: 12
  • Abstain: 0
  • No: 0
  • Block: 0

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Just thinking it would be nice to have an actual process that everyone knows. Most active now is a bit too vague for my liking, being a process freak :wink:

I like the idea of the current “team” choosing who they trust most and who they think has shown merit to be allowed in to the “team”. It should not really be about the number of pulls.

It should not really be about the number of pulls.

That’s true, but someone contributing a bunch of useful patches is definitely a candidate for becoming a core team member, or at least someone to keep watch of. I don’t think there should be a set of rules, but there should definitely be a way for contributors to communicate said changes to each other, like a mailing list or private IRC channel. At the same time, I don’t want this communication channel to become a “private club” for contributors that alienates the rest of the community.

Are there any services which provide free “announce” lists, that basically send an email to a bunch of folks at once? That would be the best, I think, because it would remove the ability to discuss changes as a group, and be influenced by each others decisions.

Proposal accepted.

Sean or someone from the Github organization - can you create the group and send invitations to relevant people? As the proposal maker, I can add information about governing the github group to wiki under the community pages.

I just realized that subgroups have privacy settings. I guess we didn’t agree what setting this limited group would be. IMHO it should be publicly visible, but invite only. Transparency, no secret societies? :slight_smile:

Agreed. Public visibility is a good thing.