Create new users id pod

Hi I want to create users on my node in a non-standard way.
Can I implement this 2 in any of the following ways:

  1. Create users by adding new entries directly to the database itself on the server (Postgres).
  2. Using the API and Python.

I will be very grateful for your response.

I would say the easiest and safest way is is bin/rails console production or RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails runner <code>. The code in either case would be something like with at least the username and password properties.

Can I implement this if my pod is in development mode?
Using this code, can I just insert my login information (username and password only)?
So I can’t immediately write to the database to create users?

The main difference between development mode and production mode, with a standard config/database.yml, is which database it uses. All other differences are just trading runtime performance for development convenience.

No, you can set pretty much anything with the right code.

Of course technically you could, but it would be much more work. You would need to reimplement not only creating the user records, but also the aspect, profile etc. records, keypair generation, password peppering and probably half a dozen things that I don’t remember from the top of my head.