Creating a server image for clouds eg Amazon EC2

Do you guys think this is a good idea? Could potentially make it much easier to set up a pod. May take a bit of time to do tho.

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It would be an awesome idea :slight_smile:

I like this thought. :slight_smile:

I might be able to whip somthing like this up. Would not quite be turnkey though unless you have some other server handling the HTTP/SSL (ea. a loadbalencer), with that you would configure your loadbalencer to handle the SSL… IDK Depends though, but if anybody has any specific way they would like an image built let me know.
I have S3 also so hosting it for download is no problem at all.

Seems like with Amazon’s “Elastic Load Balancing” handles SSL so basically everything in the image will just need to folow some kinda standard format. :slight_smile:

In case someone didn’t hear yet, BitNami now has a cloud image with Diaspora installed and ready to run - can be used for EC etc.

See here:

Pretty awesome :slight_smile: Anyone tried using the images?