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It is related to pull-request-5073.

What should I do to get two repositories for a) the vines server and b) the jappix client?

The reason is that I want to keep track of the changes after the fork. I am feeling not so good to have that in my private space.
Also we could have some more permissions for collaborators and if the PR has no future deleting shouldn’t be that hard :slight_smile:

I already asked on the IRC couple of d*-collaborators, but it looks like you and Dennis are the only one which have enough write access.

Could you help me on that? Thoughts? Suggestions?



Hi Lucas,

I think a good idea would be to bring up the issue in Loomio. Something we could probably reasonably do is transfer ownership of diaspora-vines and the jappix client to Diaspora’s page on GitHub, that way it will be something that all project members will be able to focus on more directly. It could be especially useful for coders that are looking to work on improving chat integration.

Feel free to bring the issue up on Loomio and get people talking!

All the best,

My suggestion would be

  • diaspora/bower-diaspora-jappix-mini.git
  • diaspora/diaspora-vines.git

Other suggestions? Thoughts?

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Personally, I have no problem with this, as long as there are people interested in maintaining diaspora-vines and the jappix stuff, and Diaspora makes use of the code.

Sure everything depends on the PR being merged.

In respect of introducing it I would also maintain it and keep the code up2date.

We kind of already discussed about that on github, it’s a good idea to keep them under the “diaspora organization”.

@seantilleycommunit could you add @jonnehass and maybe @florianstaudacher to the github organization admins, like voted here?

I have just done so. :slight_smile: