Dedicated Launchpad support forum for PPA porvided packaging

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Proposal: Dedicated Launchpad support forum for PPA porvided packaging.

Diaspora is now in process of setting up a Launchpad PPA with up-to-date code and a packaging recipe.

Question is, should we support with the software provided by the PPA on Launchpad via Launchpad’s support forum features?

If this proposal does not pass we will continue to handle any bugs with the Diaspora software via GitHub-wiki & IRC regardless if it was distributed from there or the PPA.

Outcome: N/A


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For a successful usage of launchpad plus github/launchpad cooperation (issue transfer) the most important question is IMO if you, Hans are comfortable with launchpad, use it regularly. And then the work style of the other people involved in packaging counts too of course.

Sorry, but what is PPA?

Personal Package Archive hosted on Canonical infrastructure ( for the Ubuntu (and derivate) distributions.

OK, so it is a place to house code for installations? Is that it?

A PPA is an easy way to host Ubuntu-compatible packages. If we package Diaspora in a PPA, for instance, installation for people running Ubuntu servers would be able to install it by adding the PPA, and putting “sudo apt-get install diaspora” in a command terminal.

And what is a package? Is it installation code?

Yes. Essentially, a package is software that a user installs on their computer. Some distributions, such as Ubuntu, make packages very easy to install.

Thanks! :slight_smile: