([deactivated account]) #1

What’s up with that platform? In order to organize and focus on important work I suggest closing that site entirely.

It’s yet another platform with the core-team not involved and not really contributing anything useful or helping getting actual work done.

Maybe I’m missing something - I just stumbled upon that site and thought it wasn’t really helpful.

More opinions?

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(Jonne Haß) #2

From what I’ve heard they abandoned that platform and were unable to delete their account there.

(Flaburgan) #3

Yep, nobody is using getsatisfaction anymore, but even if someone contact the admins of the site, the account was not deleted.

(Sean Tilley) #4

There’s no easy way to close down the old GetSatisfaction. Kind of a frustrating design approach, IMO. :confused:

([deactivated account]) #5

Frustrating is a mild explanation for that design approach. This is ridiculous. Hm, if I find some time I’ll write the GS managers.

(Airon90) #6

I don’t use GS feedback tool but what about FOSS alternatives?

(raven24) #7

we really want to reduce the number of tools we’d have to spread out our resources to… :slight_smile:

(maxwell salzberg) #8

I wish we could, we tried 2 years ago to delete it but they would not :frowning:

(Maciek Łoziński) #9

For me Getsatisfaction has one big advantage over Loomio - ideas can be voted up (giving a star) and prioritized that way.

(Stéphane Guillou) #10

I’m all for centralising the decision making, especially if we can delete platforms that are not taken care of, but I agree with Maciek: GetSatisfaction is awesome in prioritising what matters to people.
Is there an kind of extension on Loomio to add this feature?