, probably gone?

Since May 26th, pod is gone for good. There is neither updates about this issue on their twitter account, nor on where it had disappeared. As it is my only pod on diaspora since 2014… I am worried about the great possibility that the data (mainly pics of my farm life) had gone to oblivion.

I have the hope that someone here could know Lennart Prelle,’s podmin. If someone could ask him what happened I will be very grateful with them.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Despora works fine for me, DNS seems to be working fine, and I see no other reason why things could break for you. You could write an eMail to, but this looks like either an issue with your local setup, or an issue on your ISPs side.

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Thank you Dennis. I checked on another browser… And it works. As I only used firefox as main I didn’t realized that it was a problem of mine.

But it should work just fine in Firefox as well, because that’s where I tried it. Maybe an extension is blocking it? :slight_smile:

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Well I checked on firefox and it works… it didn’t work yesterday all the day. It appears it became online again hahahaha

Glad to hear that it’s working for you again.

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Thank you Dennis. Lennart has posted on twitter about the issue, so I only need to have patience and wait.

Lennart has posted on twitter:

Till now I’m not able to get the server back working. Unfortunatly my change in backup strategy has produced no usable backups, so the last one is from October. I’ll try to reach out to more expertise.
Despora ‏ @ despora_de 12h12 hours ago
If not possible to resume from the current state, I would like you to join on IRC for a discussion about the future of the pod. Should be around 30.5.19 20:00 CEST. More information to come.