Diaspora Conference Friday Nov 23rd at 17:00 UTC

(Randy Resnick) #1

Short version: The goal is to spread the word, mainly that Diaspora is alive and growing.

Visions Under Construction, in our 11th year of live interactive conferences, is organizing a session about Diaspora this Friday. It is VUC 727.

  • We are looking for 2 or 3 people to join the panel via video.
  • This is not a tech session, but devs are welcome to help explain things.
  • We will talk about the important influx of Google+ people to the Pluspora pod.

You’d need: a computer that can do video conferencing, a good Internet connection, decent lighting and a quiet area to speak from.

We can also have any number (well, probably up to 100) of callers on a regular phone, using local rate dialins or WebRTC app to connect audio to the same server.

We are on IRC: #vuc on Freenode

I said short, didn’t I. So I’ll leave the URL details for later, right now, please indicate your thoughts, questions, comments and especially availability at that time which is 9AM PST, 12 Noon EST, 5 PM UK, 6PM Paris/Berlin, etc.

Last week’s session was about Matrix and Riot. It can give an idea of how these sessions work. The video is unedited. The audio for the same session is here.

(Hank G) #2

I am interested to attend as a daily user and new contributor. What video chat software are you using?

(Randy Resnick) #3

Hi Hank,

We’d be pleased to have you. We usually use Google Hangouts on Air because it shows on YouTube live, then archives automatically to YouTube. HoA, different from Hangouts, requires Chrome or Safari. How that works is, a URL for panel members is generated about 30 minutes before we go live. 15 minutes before, we do a sound check. You’d be surprised how many advanced devs need a lot of adjustments to be seen heard and not have echo :slight_smile: I will use either email or PM or a small aspect on Pluspora to communicate the exact URL when the time comes.

(Flaburgan) #4

I would have loved to join but I will celebrate my birthday with my family at this time so… Sorry. Maybe @goob is available? Or another core member. It would have been nice to pick a date together instead of having no choice but I guess we can do that next time :wink:

(Randy Resnick) #5

Sorry you can’t make it @flaburgan. There is a specific date because Diaspora are invited to the VUC series. This edition is number 727. Last week was Matrix, and preceding years, projects like Mastodon, Jisti Meet, m0n0wall, etc. have been guests. Anyone reading this is here welcome to join and talk about Diaspora, preferable on video, but it’s possible via audio as well. Should you decide on a subsequent conference, I’m happy to help if need be.

(Randy Resnick) #6

To anyone interested in participating, since I can’t post the links here, please look for the hashtag #vuc727 on Pluspora pod for information on how to call in and participate via audio.

(Randy Resnick) #7

The timing of this wasn’t optimal with Thanksgiving hangovers and family time, but we still managed to meet and chat about Diaspora, federation and Pluspora, whose efforts have been rewarded with an influx of well over 6,000 users. The Pluspora monthly stats are impressive, too, showing over 3,000 active people.

Maybe this is the new thing to help spread Diaspora adoption, promote pods with particular orientation? Isn’t that part of what makes DIaspora great?

Here’s the YouTube video.
The audio version, when uploaded will be available on the Visions Under Construction audio podcast.