Diaspora do not see WP embeded contents

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Friends have asked me to create a website to publish their music and videos, and I don’t want to spend too much time on it and make them self-sufficient to source it. They want the media to be hosted outside of proprietary social networks (did you say GAFAM ???) and to remain under their control.

I imagined a solution where the media would be hosted on cloud storage that they would rent, with WP to create articles, publish media and these would be relayed by Diaspora, to allow them to ensure their communication.

I saw that Diaspora allows us to insert links from Youtube videos, Soundcloud, etc. using oEmbed technology. In my Diaspora posts, by refreshing the page, I actually saw the content displayed in addition to the link.

I want to publish some medias from a WordPress CMS in the same way, but that does not works as expected. When I paste a link to a WordPress Video and actualize the page, only the link is displayed without preview, decoration and information about the targeted media.

So I supposed that the problem is in the WP side but I am not conviced. Maybe this functionnality is not implemented in the pod where I test …

It is possible to implement a such solution ? Is there someone who work on this subject ?

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Hey @lenainjaune If you can share the link and the diaspora instance you’re trying from, it may be more possible to see what’s going on. I don’t know if WP content generally gets the preview/decoration but it’ll help to have some links to look at.

Hi, of course :smiley:

My WP test

My Diaspora test

Thank you for your help

oEmbed allows to embed arbitrary HTML into a page, therefore we can only allow it from trusted providers.

IIRC we have some support for OpenGraph video tags, but generally the OpenGraph preview will be the best preview you’ll get from posting an untrusted link: https://ogp.me/

Diaspora also supports embedding audio and video files using native browser functionality when it encounters a direct link to the file (matched by file extension).