Diaspora Merchandise

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I don’t know much about how the D* trademark is handled, currently, but I think some people might actually buy stuff that is branded with D* (t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers…)

The profits would have to be bound to a specific goal (financing JD.com, paying developers, ice cream*, …)

… and it goes without saying that global shipping would, of course, be necessary.

  • everybody loves ice cream

This has been requested by many people. Myself would love some D* t-shirts, stickers, etc.

I guess at the moment there is only one organization that can do this - Diaspora, Inc. Since obviously the money needs to go somewhere and there is no foundation etc yet :slight_smile:

Maybe some integration to some art -> t-shirt web platforms could be included someday optional in Diaspora for podmins to easily activate - supplied with a few sample images and of course they could add their own? This way it would show up like paypal etc on the Diaspora right panel - would just need to podmin to set up the shop and add the ID to config. I know like Redbubble would prob work.

This is an interesting thought, but two issues stand out to me:

  1. Who would handle the raised funds?
  2. How would those funds be handled to take care of things?

david morley (diasp.org) already do that : http://www.cafepress.fr/diasporg

True, but that’s specifically just for his pod. What Florian proposes is basically official Diaspora merchandise.

I had some discussions a year ago about this, with Yosem. I have a friend who runs a small alternative company designing and producing T-shirts, who said he’d be interested, depending on the future direction of D* (FOSS, etc) which was uncertain at the time. If this is something that people want to investigate, I can contact him about it again as they have the logistics already re printing, distribution and so on.

Without a foundation though the it would just be a Diaspora, Inc shop (I would still buy :)). So I don’t think it’s relevant now unless it was something to make it easy for podmins to set their own shop up with ready designs - to support their pod.

We could have a contest to design shirts, key chains, ice cream:] to create the Official Merchandise. Fortunately there are many designers https://framapad.org/diaspora-community-users

The word “Diaspora” and the logo => “Diaspora *” is a trademark of “Diaspora, inc” registered in the U.S. then we need permission from the company if they want to sell in that country.


=> Search Term: Diaspora

With the permission of “Diaspora, inc” the money could be allocated to a “treasurer” http://loom.io/ chosen and use the money as voted on http://loom.io/

I suppose one possibility would be to have a click-through system, so the money would be allocated to whichever pod from which the person arrived at the shopping site.

In our Berlin Diaspora-Meetup we printed some shirts with the slogan: “Diaspora: Much worse than facebook - and your friends are not there as well”… you understand the degree of irony?! :wink:

Humble with its Indie Bundle lets the user choose, where the money will go and which amount (charity, devs, Humble). We could implement it for donations AND for shopping. So the user has the choice between something like “Diaspora Pod X”, “Developers”, “Free Software Foundation” […].

So any news on this? Wouldnt it be the diaspora foundations role to distribute the income to the correct projects?