diaspora.podupti.me and diasp.org do not work

Colleagues, does anyone know what happened?

I can’t connect to the https://diasp.org website, and when you go to https://diaspora.podupti.me, a page from Cloudflare appears and says that “# Error 522 Ray ID: 63b3b254ce477b67 • 2021-04-05 15:09:47 UTC ## Connection timed out”.

What’s happening?


It looks as though the pod’s host has gone down temporarily. The same person runs diasp.org and podupti.me, so I assume they’re hosted on the same server. It’s a pain whenever a website goes down, but I wouldn’t worry about this being a permanent closure.

I believe that this “same person” needs to be notified as soon as possible that his household is in complete disarray.


Some further information: https://pod.diaspora.software/posts/339246f07909013967be002590d8e506

From https://b.diasp.org/ :

April 4th 2021 Datacenter Issue

On April 5, 2021 by diasporg

Our host is having a datacenter major incident. I will update here and twitter when I know more. diasp.org, dia.so, podupti.me are down. Network status: https://diasp.net/

Thanks for the information. It’s a pity that this happened …
Do you know if this data center is planning to fix the failure? Usually, as far as I am aware, if something breaks down in data centers, all its staff immediately rush to fix the problem!
So what have your data center engineers been doing in the past 24 hours? Did they go off to read the Book of Mormon?

Physical damage takes longer to fix than software failures. If the building is half burnt down and full of water from the fire-fighting efforts, you can’t exactly just ‘switch if off and on again’.

Why are you being so demanding about this? It doesn’t seem reasonable to me.

I didn’t mean to offend you! Do not get angry!

But according to the rules in force throughout the civilized world, it is strictly forbidden to extinguish data centers with water. Inlet gas or powder extinguishing systems only.
In our country, if you do not have a special fire extinguishing system, then you will not be allowed to open a data center.
That’s why I was so surprised: I always thought that America’s datacenters are the most advanced in the world!

Well, one more factor of surprise: the server was clearly virtual, and the time to transfer the virtual machine image to the spare platform was several minutes.

How about we wait for facts from the guy who runs the pod before rushing to any conclusions. I am sure he is doing his best to get the site online ASAP.

I absolutely don’t want to judge the “guy who runs the pod”. I am not drawing any conclusions.
Moreover, I cherish sympathy and gratitude towards him, because I use his resource.

And I am on his side - I am very upset with how the data center, the services of which he uses, serve him poorly and irresponsibly.

Your first message didn’t give this impression:

It’s good to know that you just expressed yourself poorly that time.