Diaspora* "Post Killer Button" | Tidy up servers and give users control


In every social network I’ve ever used there is something missing: A post kill button. You can delete every single post, but what about deleting all my posts of the past year(s)?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the possibility to define a timespan like 2011-2013 and just hit the “Kill” Button and all your Posts and Photos created in this time were deleted from the servers?

We are always collecting data. Gigabyte after gigabyte, but do not think about the relevance of the posts. We could save tons of resources just by deleting stuff nobody needs anymore. Social network posts have an extremely short lifetime. Why should we have so much trash on our pods?

The second point is: Personalities change. You change your opinion, your attitude… maybe you do not want to have posts on the internet which express your identity of the past?

It would be awesome if Diaspora* was the first social network in which you are able to erase your past and tidy up your profile, as well as tidying up the servers. Every user should have the chance to select a certain timespan and delete the content generated at this time.

In conclusion a killer button would help to:

  • Free resources on the servers
  • Give People control
  • Delete content of the past

This is a feature, which I think people want to have. I would like to have it, too :wink: It would make Diaspora* stand out of the big crowd of social networks.

Users want to have control. Give them control.

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Great idea, i like it! Posts more the 1 year old are useless IMHO.

I like the idea, but I don’t think, that 1 year old posts are useless. I would like to see a “collect posts” feature before, so when I have a really nice and interesting post or debate, I could save that.

older posts are not useless in diaspora*…
they would be useless perhaps if diaspora* was a “social” network like fb where you post personal stuff - it is not useless with diaspora*'s theme-based posting … if you search for not so popular tags you’ll always find pretty old posts - there wouldn’t be many posts left if users just deleted their old posts… (and i love scrolling through tags pages)
another thing is about reshares. if somebody deletes all their older posts, there will be lots of posts left that say ‘the original post has been deleted’ … right, we already have that, as one can scroll through the stream and just click delete on each post … but there would be a lot more of it if somebody deleted all posts of a certain period…

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@waithamai this would be no problem if the “resharing” posts were deleted at the same time - together with the original post. :wink:

When a person decides to let the older posts live, it’s okay, but shouldn’t the user have the decision to delete his content if he wants to?

Nice Idea. Even sometimes people might want to forget some of their public activity for a certain amount of time. So, a custom duration for that post killer button would be more awesome, I think.

Of course, it’s user’s personal choice whether he wants to delete something or not!

Proposal: Should we introduce a “Post Killer Button”?

I like the idea of having a button whichs allows me to delete all my posts of a certain time period. Decisions about the details will be discussed later. (Preview of the posts etc)

I don’t want to have a button like this.

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 13
  • Abstain: 12
  • No: 6
  • Block: 0

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@karthikeyanak I’d like that, too. :slight_smile:

Are you just wanting that feature or are you going to implement it?

@rasmusfuhse it’s just an idea of mine, but I’m not able do code it. :-/

But I guess it’s not too hard to implement?

Okay. But then your proposal is nearly useless. I mean, it’s great to gather ideas and create concepts. But we don’t want to use loom.io as a wiki, but as a decision-tool. So most of the times a proposal here is asking which way diaspora should go. So if your proposal is going to get accepted here all it says is: if someday someone is going to implement this feature, the pullrequest should not be rejected with the reason that some other one thinks the feature is useless. But this usually doesn’t happen - may there be a decision about it or not.

By the way, we have a wishlist thread. Goob is the man for the big vision here and he started the wishlist: https://www.loomio.org/d/VMg5HlpZ/diaspora-the-next-12-months

Deletin posts in decentralized social networks is quite complicated: How can you know whether other pods actually delete posts when being asked to do so by other pods via federation? As Diaspora is open source it’ll always be possible to get the source, comment out the deletion code and collect posts.
As deltion doesn’t even work reliable for single posts, we shouldn’t implement a “post killer” button which makes people feel safe when they aren’t

@thomasl I guess only a few person would be against adding a feature. The problem is, who is going to implement it? It’s not about “it is not hard to do it”, it’s about the fact that we all are volunteers and have very few time to work on diaspora. So request a feature is useless, we need people to implement it, not ideas.

This is a good tool to lost sensitive data. Suppose that before pushing this button any normal user will walk through all the posts in a desired period to examine if he wouldn’t delete any good stuff. For those who don’t have a good posts I’d suggest an option in settings to delete old posts automatically.

@thomasl I’m against deleting reshared posts as well. It could lead to confusion.

I’m loving reading old posts, too. But I can understand your point. But as stated above by others, I consider it rather complicated …

@trollischmittlauch maybe some type of user image of code that compares it to the pod your on as regards to options available. or a podupti link and addition of a features available to the podupti list of pods.

As far as post killing. other’s add comments to a post and maybe liked their comments on a post.

So we could add a general description saver that with added effort anybody could fill out once then maybe a process of sticking with a post definition after whichever process of social collaboration.

This general description saver either creates a community user which is showed to have made the previous statement of a real person. Say when I delete a post then John Do is now the new poster.

or else if it’s like a article or picture a generalization box cold be put in its place saying “it was a picture with these qualities” or " it was an article with these qualities" Then the comments could still relate to it.

Agreeing on the New Diaspora Community Post Attribution re-licensed to Avatar would be the new and edgy social media thing. Could be done Diaspora whole or Pod specific

Using a regex code;
we could turn all comments contained within the deleted post that refer to the original poster by name to turn into @JohnDo or whatever the community post reattribution avatars name is agreed too.

of course we’d have to make sure it covers and comments where the posters name was mentioned in the forms of; # , @ , markdown possibilities like , or just regular type like this