Diaspora Public Video Meetup Jan 11th at 17:00 UTC

(Randy Resnick) #1

Our weekly Visions Under Construction conference will be devoted to Diaspora on Friday January 11th at 17:00 UTC. That translates to
9 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Eastern US
6 PM (CEST) Paris/Berlin
further east, etc.

We’d love to have you on the visible panel! The video panel uses HoA so only Chrome or Safari browsers are usable with it. Sorry for the limitation. It’s also possible to phone in or to use a WebRTC client to call in via audio only.

The exact discussion will depend on who’s available. I hope you will take part. We watch IRC (#vuc on Freenode) and can watch other places to be announced according to what you’d like. More details woll be posted by me, randulo@pluspora.com. Questions and thoughts are welcome here.

(Flaburgan) #2

I should be available on that date I will join with pleasure. What’s HoA btw? I don’t have chromium installed but I guess it can be on my computer for one hour.

(Hank G) #3

It’s the “corporate” Google Hangouts thing. Unfortunately it doesn’t work under FF.

(Randy Resnick) #4

Yeah, Google has limited Hangout on Air (HoA) to Chrome and Safari. We would use Jitsi Meet, but the YouTube Live part doesn’t work anymore. Sorry to say, HoA is the easiest way for us to do this.
We’re happy for people to phone in (there are local rate numbers, SIP server and a web client) but it’s harder to to mix in voices when we can’t see the person or who is talking. For anyone who doesn’t wish to be seen, you can turn off video and it will show an avatar.

It’s possible that some day we’ll organize a monthly audio meeting to exchange ideas. I’d be up for that, it’m my “contribution”. Those audio meetings could be distributed as a podcast RSS feed, too.

(Flaburgan) #5

Hm, I can use chromium for a short time, but I don’t have and don’t want to create a Google account. So I guess HoA won’t work for me? Or maybe you have a dummy one?

(Hank G) #6

I loaded it up in Safari even though I don’t normally use it. I’m trying to avoid installing Chrome proper on any machine anymore. I didn’t test it in Chromium but it should work I think.

(goob) #7

@flaburgan the post says you can participate via audio without using Google. Perhaps that will be the best method for you?

(Randy Resnick) #8

You are all welcome to phone in, but calling on people is a little harder. We’ll do what we have to to get your input, though! The SIP/phone server has ways to raise hands and unmute, we will need to make all that known before. I can never remember if one must have a Google account.

Warning, Hangouts are NOT the same software as HoA, Firefox works in Hangouts.

(Randy Resnick) #9

This page, entitled “All About Diaspora” has some info on how you can listen to an mp3 audio stream live on any phone or use a WebRTC client to listen and talk, becoming a contributing participant to ask questions or comment. There is a list of local rate dial-in numbers. We watch #vuc on Freenode, but you now have to be registered to join, because of a recent spam attack on Freenode. We do still watch there, though, so if you use IRC, please join us there.

(Randy Resnick) #10

Have you decided what you’d like to do? I need a way to get you the URL privately to join the video panel. This applies to anyone, by the way.

We’d love to have authoritative D people whether tech or just experienced in any aspect (pun inevitable) of Diaspora.*

I can’t publish the URL here but the phone numbers are at https://vuc.me/voxbone and WebRTC dialer is here.

IRC is #vuc on Freenode.net

(Flaburgan) #11

I should be there, maybe a bit late. You can PM me on diaspora* fla@diaspora-fr.org

(Randy Resnick) #12

Anyone else interested in phoning in or being on the video? I know I’ve repeated all the links in this thread several times so I won’t flood you again. I would remind you though that the archived video has auto-generated subtitles in many languages, provided by YouTube. They’re not bad.

(goob) #13

Unfortunately it’s not something I’m able to take part in. I do appreciate your energy and enthusiasm, though, and hope it goes well. I’ll catch the podcast over the weekend.

(Randy Resnick) #14

Here’s the audio version which is much easier to listen to and includes more discussion than the video.
It would be cool to coordinate a date where more people can get together via just audio and chat to exchange thoughts. I have many resources available to make this happen.