Diaspora setup on TrueNAS SCALE?

Has anyone tried to setup diaspora* on TrueNAS SCALE? (Linux, k3s)

The closest I’ve got is using this image: Docker Hub
And the TrueCharts custom app (it’s mostly the same as the official image docking but makes https setup easy right away), configured with the following environment values:
POSTGRES_DB=diaspora_production (not sure if this is necessary)
SERVER_RAILS_ENVIRONMENT=production (it’s in developmental by default, but also the env name is technically server.rails_environment [not sure if the underscore gets carried over or removed maybe?])

But then I still get an error creating the container.

 \"diaspora-custom-app\" in pod \"diaspora-custom-app-5cbf9d8669-lfn98\"
 is waiting to start: 

I tried docker-compose app to manually set the yml files and run it that way, the app itself doesn’t error out so it’s gotta be something between scale and diaspora.

This is out of my scope of understanding so I’m hoping someone else has tried it and come to a better conclusion? If anyone would try I’d highly appreciate it.