One of our old unused assets is https://diaspora.shapado.com

The platform seems very dead.

  • No commit in a year: https://github.com/ricodigo/shapado
  • Flooded with spam.
  • No real question for months.
  • Feedback form is broken.
  • Site is slow, server probably overloaded.
  • IRC channel is dead.

What should we do with it?

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First of all we need to find somebody with some kind of moderator or admin rights to the group, @seantilleycommunit ?

Then if possible I think we should delete it, for the reasons stated in the description.

I’m definitely for closing that group, if possible leave a link to our current project site and at least clean the front page of all the spam.
If “closing” is not an option, we should aim to delete it entirely…

I think that it could be an useful resource as QA platform for newbies, if only someone uses it: I think that admins should only lock it for spammers and clean the platform up.
Anyway the code is hosted so if it will be closed, someone in the future could open it again from scratch.

I’m all for closing unused resources to make things more streamlined and make sure everyone is working in the same environment, and that things don’t remain updated. You developers know best whether that resource can still be useful to the project, but if not, I definitely support closing it.

Sure, let’s try to close it if someone can find someone who can do it :slight_smile:

I’m all for closing it; it’s not particularly useful to us at this time. I don’t have admin access to it, but I can try shooting them an email asking for them to close our Diaspora page on there.

please close it :slight_smile:

Nobody used it because it takes FOREVER to load lol

let it die! GetSatisfaction.com does this just as well.

correction: apparently we hate getsatisfaction too :wink: https://www.loomio.org/discussions/1605

For the reasons stated in the description and other reasons mentioned below, I think it should be closed.

So…er…what happened? Could nobody close it?

I sent an email to Patrick Aljord who seems to be the creator of both shapado.com and the Diaspora group.