Diaspora* version released!

(Benjamin Neff) #1

As scheduled, a new minor release is now released. Over the past six weeks, we have managed to collect 80 commits made by 9 contributors for this minor release.

A huge thanks to all the contributors from diaspora*'s amazing community! If you want to help make diaspora* even better, please check out our getting started guide. Please see the changelog for a complete list of changes made in this release.

Notable Changes

  • Make public stream accessible for logged out users
  • Add account-merging support when receiving an account migration
  • Randomize start times of daily Sidekiq-Cron jobs


Update instructions are available as usual in the wiki. For those of you who have been testing the release candidate, run git checkout master before the update to get back to the stable release branch.

(Paco) #2

Let me just put in a thank you here to you guys. I maintain (and have maintained) plenty of servers and services (everything from Sendmail back in the 1990s to modern stuff now). I’ve now done 2 upgrades on diaspora ( -> -> This upgrade process feels really solid.

The time spent testing and building a good upgrade proces is sorta thankless time. So few people actually do the upgrade that few people see it. But all the users benefit. Thanks for the time and effort you put into that. I find Diaspora pretty straightforward and pleasant to run.