Digest for Reshare

Often it is so that the personal stream is crammed full with reshared contributions, so that one loses as a user quite fast the overview and overlooks not infrequently important original contributions. That applies all the more if one does not spend completely so much time with Diaspora.

So how about a feature where the user can collect contributions and then publish them once a day or a week as a kind of Diggest automatically? If a lot of people do that, the streams would be massively relieved of the burden of reshared contributions.

Hi Ravenbird,

I absolutely understand what you want to achieve. I also think that our stream is too overloaded with reshares in a way that one posting appears 7 times almost in a row.

The digest-posting per day is a nice thought. But it would make it hard to gather the conversations regarding the original postings at one point.

And I do believe that the main problem is here again: the posting should never appear more than once in a user’s stream.

But that’s just my opinion here.

I similarly see that a post should not be more than once in the stream. The software would have to sort out the duplicates. I also think that you should be able to tell others and quote. The first one to bring content to users who don’t get it directly, the second one to open an alternative discussion thread to the post.

The idea with the summaries was that they take up less space in the stream. An automatic sorting would of course be even better.

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Here’s a long-standing GitHub issue for this: Aggregate reshares in stream (opened in 2013).

No need to have a long discussion about this here. It just needs someone to find a technical solution.