Directory for shared JS code between mobile and desktop

My current work on porting the mentionning jQuery plugin to Twitter Typeahead uses Backbone, and thus is placed in app/assets/javascripts/app/views/. The next step I plan is to decouple the whole sugestion system from Backbone so that it can be used on mobile view too.

Currently, unless I’m unaware of, the i18n helper is the only piece of code shared between mobile and desktop, so there is no clear place where future shared code can be put. The work on adding a markdown editor faces the same problem. As mobile phone, where markdown edition is painful, is my prior target, I decided to put the JS code in app/assets/javascripts/helpers, next to the i18n helper. But this is not really satisfying as the code is not a collection of helper at all.

What I propose is to create a shared directory in app/assets/javascripts for the future shared JS code. Is everyone ok with this?

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