Discover OpenShift

OpenShift is a cloud solution powered by RedHat. mcepi is a redhat employer and he talked about it on github. It can be a real easy way to deploy Diaspora for free !

I registered and will try to look at it. What do you think about it ?

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I’d say, let’s set up a test pod on OpenShift and see how it performs. If the performance is comparable to Heroku. I just signed up for an account to test it out myself.

Do you want to use OpenShift for testing or for hosting a Diaspora pod?

First testing, and if it works…

I have something weird…

[ repo]> ./script/server
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
tar: Je refuse de créer un fichier d’archive vide (oui je suis lâche)
Pour en savoir davantage, faites : « tar --help » ou « tar --usage ».
FATAL: Error: Can’t find, or even create, public/source.tar.gz. Exiting

@flaburgan i’ll say, your tar error messages are in French!

as with any free ‘cloud’ provider, the two main problems I see are RAM and disk space.
sure, the paid variants offer scalability, but I fear for a multi-user pod the offered resources might run out pretty quickly.
no harm in trying it out, though :wink:

I started a documentation about it on the wiki

Hm, looks like they checkout the default branch, which is develop in our case…

@jonneha when you choose the git repository, you don’t have the choice, the master branch is selected. I push myself the develop files.

Yeah it says master but actually it’s the default one.

This is strange because it tries to connect to diaspora_production database, not to diaspora_development…

So I played a bit and looked into creating a proper repository for OpenShift, currently that effort is blocked by, since my report got tagged as “Enhancement” and “FutureFeature” I guess I won’t be able to continue working on this until the release of which switches Markerb back to a normal release. If this actually works out I think we should vote if we want to maintain official support and if so move the repo in to the Github organization.

It will be really amazing to have an (almost) one click deployment of a Diaspora pod !

Alright, so I got something basic working that you guys can further play with. You can find my current brain dump here:

Hmm, I can’t come up with a smart way to manage configuration on OpenShift, it just lack a Heroku style feature where you can manage the environment via a CLI tool. Requiring to SSH in for that seems cumbersome compared to how easy the deployment is (which you can give a read in the readme on my fork

So I would welcome any ideas.

Why did you need to change in Diaspora that required a fork to facilitate the deployment ?

Mainly adding the .openshift directory with the build and deploy scripts so it works the way it works now. Also for setting the default branch back to master so OpenShift uses that.