Do some SEO on

Just had a look at a few search engines for ‘Diaspora’, ‘Diaspora network’ and so on. appears a long way down the lists, not even on the first page for some of the ones I checked.

It would be good to get this domain at the top of search lists for terms including Diaspora - certainly above any of the pods, so that when people search for Diaspora they are led to the project site rather than to a particular pod ( currently tops search results, with a couple of other large pods such as and coming above the project site in some engines’ search results).

What ideas to achieve this? Generally cross-links are one of the key elements of this, so getting the domain out to people who might write about Diaspora would be a big part of it. We could also add some keywords and description to the meta information, although this is less useful, I think.

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ps: please could the name of this Loomio sub-group be changed to ‘ team’ now that we’re using that domain?

The best way to see the site with a great placement is to have sites which link to it. If we prepare a nice announcement for the community birthday and every news sites link to diasporafoundation, it will gain places immediately.

@goob Fixed. I was going to do it sooner, but I originally had problems updating group names. No longer! :smiley:

Thanks a lot, Sean. Coo, it’s all shiny and new in here!