Documentation platform

(Sean Tilley) #21

Oh. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jordan H) #22

One suggestion I have: we could use the Wiki for macro-level documentation (what certain folders are used for, and so on) and use Doxygen for code-level documentation for easy look-up.
I am confused as to where documentation is being used. Stack Exchange or Wiki?

(Sean Tilley) #23

Currently, all documentation is located on our GitHub repo’s wiki. However, as we’re thinking about some changes in infrastructure, we’re considering better options.

So far, two of the more practical options (if we go the self-hosted route) are as follows:

1.) Use MediaWiki. MW is tried-and-true, and is pretty easy to organize.

2.) Build into Drupal using a wikitools and FreeLinking module set. The upside of this is that we can integrate wiki functionality directly into the Drupal platform, which could serve several other functions as a central project site, and provide a useful set of reasons to register a single account.

(goob) #24

I think a self-hosted wiki would be the best way forward. I can’t really comment on the technical benefits of different systems as I don’t know anything about them, so will leave that up to those who do. It sounds promising.